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Train insulation

Insulation for railway vehicles.
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Transparent insulation

Insulation for windows and skylights.
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Transportation insulation

Insulation for boats and buses.


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Environmentally-friendly insulation

Moniflex is a unique insulation material that is 100% environmentally friendly. Moniflex is made from cellulose from cultivated forests, a renewable source of raw material. Excess material from production is reused in the manufac­turing process. lncineration or other destruction have no negative impact on the air or environment. Moniflex contains no PVC or hazardous fibres. It is comple­tely odourless and non-toxic and can be handled and cut without protective clothing or special equipment.

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Insulation professionals

lsoflex is not only a manufacturer and supplier of insulation materials. We also offer advisory and design services in the area of insulation engineering, materials and equipment. We have an innovative approach and all the experience you need for your project. We work with customers in many different application areas, especially where there are high demands on insulation properties in combination with weight, moisture absorption and vibration resistance. This has made us the European market leader for insulation of rail vehicles.

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